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Jan 25/26

Finish Note packet
Work on Balancing Equations worksheets

Jan 23/24

Balancing Equations and types of chemical reactions Notes
Started Types of Reactions

Jan 19/22

Covalent Bonds Exam

Wed/Thurs Oct 25-26

Flame Test lab

Mon/Tues Oct 23-24

Electrons in Atoms PowerPoint and Notes
Quantized Energy

Thurs/Fri Oct 19-20

Exam for Origin of the Elements and Atomic Structure

Tues/Wed Oct 17-18

Exam Review for Origin of the Elements and Atomic Structure

Wed/Mon Oct 11-16 (fall break)

Cereal box spectroscope project

Mon/Tues Oct 9-10

Bead Lab


Atomic Structure PP and notes
Atomic Structure worksheet

Tues/Wed Oct 3-4

Atomic Structure PP and notes
Atomic Structure worksheet

Fri/Mon Sept 29/Oct 2

Finish Origin of Matter PowerPoint and notes
Finish Worksheet 1 Origins and Isotopes
Mystery Cube Investigation

Wed/Thur Sept 27/28

Origin of Matter and Elements
PowerPoint notes on The Big Bang Theory

Tues Sept 26

(B-day only)
Big Bang article research and artwork presentations

Fri/Mon Sept 22/25

Test on Physical/chemical changes and Math Essentials

Wed/Thurs Sept 20/21

Go over the Exam Review Packets and answer any questions
Begin The Origin of Elements/Big Bang Unit (PowerPoint and guided notes)

Mon/Tues Sept 18/19

Work on Exam Review packets for Phys/Chem changes and Math Essentials
(Mr. Callahan gone to Lake Mead)

Thurs/Fri Sept 14/5

Measurements Lab
Passed out Exam Review packets for Phys/Chem changes and Math Essentials

Wed Sept 13 (A-day only)

Physics/Chemistry combo--Average velocity measurements with moving car activity

Mon/Tues Sept 11/12

SI Metric System and Dimensional Analysis (Goal-Post Method)
PowerPoint, notes, worksheet
Brian Reagan "Girth Units"

Thurs/Fri Sept 7/8

Scientific Notation WS

Tues/Wed Sept 5/6

Go over the Physical and Chemical Changes lab
Math Essentials--Scientific Notation notes and worksheet

Thurs/Fri Aug 31/Sept 1

Physical and Chemical Changes Lab

Tues/Wed Aug 29/30

Quiz one--Lab safety, equipment, and Density
Math Essentials lecture
Math Essentials worksheet 1

Fri/Mon Aug 25/29

Finish Density notes and Demonstrations

Wed/Thurs Aug 23/24

Name Game
Discuss Labs and Alchemy worksheets 2-5
Density--Density blocks, temperature, PP Guided Notes
Quiz next time

Mon/Tues Aug 21/22

Finish WS #3
Density Lab-"All That Glitters"
WS 4 & 5

Thurs/Fri Aug 17/18

Turn in Disclosure Document and Safety contract

Safety quiz
Alchemy lesson #2-3
Lab "A Penny for Your Thoughts"
Worksheets 2 and 3

Electron Configuration practice

Rules and conditions for re-taking exams:
  1. Review and correct their previous exam
  2. Complete a re-exam review worksheet or other additional evidence of learning.
  3. Complete and turn in any missing/late assignments. Note: Late work will not be accepted for a grade after the unit test covering the work, but must nevertheless be completed before re-testing.
  4. Your original test and your retake test scores will be averaged together for your final grade within that Unit.

Remind 101 for Chemistry: test @9ab4b7h to 81010