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Friday, Jan 19

The Mystery of Chaco Canyon
Moon Phases

Wed, Jan 17
Earth's Motions packet
Begin Chaco Canyon Documentary

Monday, Jan 15

MLK day-No school

Friday, Jan 12

Earth's motions packet

Wednesday, January 10

kinesthetic Astronomy

Monday January 8

Thursday, Jan 4

Name game

Semester One 2017

Wed Oct 25

Make and record observations of four constellations in your astronomy journal. Note the time of the observation, the name of each constellation and the general direction in the sky of each constellation.

Observation Instructions

  • Your four observations should be made from the same location and occur within 20 minutes of the same time on each day.
  • Sketch the constellations and mark the bright stars specifically noting the position of the constellations in the sky relative to a fixed object like a mountain peak, tree, power pole, house or other building.
  • Mark the direction you are looking: compass direction and altitude above horizon.
  • Mark the date and time of each observation.
  • Mark the position of the Moon relative to some fixed landmark.
  • Write a detailed description of the constellations including color, relative size, relative brightness, twinkling, etc...
  • Write a detailed description of how the object changed over time for your multiple observations.

Monday Oct 23
Star wheels
Constellations packet
Choose 5 constellations (2 Ptolemaic 48, 3 Modern 88) to research--Location and season, History/mythology

Thurs Oct 19

Tuesday, Oct 17
Telescope stuff (below)

Telescope info (no sound in video)


Refractor Telescope vs Reflecting Telescope

Image result for reflecting telescope vs refracting telescope
Image result for reflecting telescope vs refracting telescope

Discussion Question: Relatively cheap ($50 to $100) refractor telescopes on somewhat shaky mounts are often sold to families with young children. These units are hard to aim. They come with eye pieces that magnify too much for the size of the lens so that even finding the Moon can be a challenge. Most people quickly become frustrated and put them away and never use them.

How would you respond to a friend asking you the following question?

"My daughter wishes to purchase a reflecting telescope with a 10 inch (250 mm) diameter mirror. I am concerned it will take up a lot of room in our house. I would rather get her a 3 inch diameter (90 mm) refracting telescope I found online. It is less expensive, and it will easily fit in a closet. She says the reflecting telescope is better. I think the one I found online looks more like a real telescope. If the telescope that she wants is really better, please tell me why."

What if you could enact a policy, would you stop or limit the sale of these scopes or allow sales to continue. Why?

Please include in your written response all the advantages and disadvantages of each telescope based on the telescope type and the relative sizes of the primary lens and mirror. Choose and defend your position. Support your statements with evidence.

Wed Oct 11

Cereal box Spectroscope

Mon Oct 9

Turn in Cosmology Review
Cosmos Episode 5 and worksheet questions

Thurs Oct 5

Cosmology review
Dark energy
Dark matter

Tues Oct 3

Quantum Physics Documentary
Cosmology Review packet

Fri Sept 29

Current Event: Elon Musk and plans to go to Mars Nat Geo article
Lawrence Krauss Multi-verse clip
Quantum Physics

Wed Sept 27

"Are People Really Headed to Mars?" article and questions
Current Event: New Hubble Constant? NASA video clip

Monday Sept 25

PLC/early out day
Chapter 17 presentations
Go over Electromagnetic Radiation workbook packet

Thurs Sept 21

"Earth from Space" video and finish worksheet questions
Group presentations for Big Bang information found in chapter 17

Tues Sept 19

"Earth from Space" video and finish worksheet questions

Fri Sept 15

Finish Quantum Energy and Big Bang worksheets, class discussion
Chapter 17 of Astronomy textbook--Get into groups and read assigned sections--groups will teach the rest of the class about your reading section

Wed Sept 13

Origin of the Elements worksheet
Quantum Energy (Chemistry PP and notes)
Quantum Energy Worksheet (chemistry)
Quantum Energy and Electromagnetic Radiation (Astronomy workbook packet)

Mon Sept 11

Origin of the Elements (Chemistry PP and notes)

Thurs Sept 7

The Known Universe by AMNH on YouTube
Earth to Scale (YouTube)
Discuss Big Bang Opinionaire and the data
Crash Course Astronomy--The Big Bang and Cosmology

Tues Sept 5

Crash Course Astronomy--The Moon
Cosmos Episode 4: A Sky Full of Ghosts

Thurs Aug 31

Pass out Big Bang Opinionaire
Modeling the size of our solar system activity

Tuesday Aug 29

Go over and discuss Earth's Motion packet
History of Astronomers PP
Moon Phases worksheet

Friday Aug 25

Zodiac constellations activity around the room
Finish Earth's motion packet
In groups discuss questions you didn't get
As a class go over the packet

Wed Aug 23

Earth's Motion and Position packet from work book
pages 1-9
Next time pages 13-20

Monday Aug 21

Eclipse Day!!!

Thurs Aug 17

Crash Course Astronomy #5 Eclipses

Clip--How Eclipses Changed History
Check out textbooks and workbooks from Library
Chapter 0--Earth and moon phases
Draw and label 16 phases of the moon