Remind 101 for English 12: text @b87dh4 to 81010

Jan 17-22

Works Cited page and in-text citations (Purdue OWL)
Carnegie reading

Jan 10-16

Martin Luther King Jr. Nobel Prize acceptance speech (CommonLit packet)

Jan 8-9

Carnegie reading and discussion
Grammar Punk

January 4/5

Net Neutrality (Current Event) article and discussion
Part 2 Chap 2 of Carnegie
Homework: Finish reading chapter 2 and chapter 3

December 5-14

Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People

Criteria for Argumentative essay

Update: Underline your thesis statement and italicize your main points of your argument in your introduction paragraph
Due date: Friday, December 1 (you should not have to work on it over the Thanksgiving break)
650-750 words
MLA format (Size 12 font, Times New Roman, EVERYTHING double spaced)

Introductory paragraph mentioning the main points of your argument
At least three reasons for why or why not Mallory and Irvine reached the top of Everest (one paragraph per reason)
At least one counter-argument paragraph
Conclusion paragraph

So, your essay should be at least six paragraphs (one for the intro, three for the body and main ideas, one for the counter claim, and one for the conclusion)

Argumentation on who was the first person/team to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, i.e., did George Mallory and Andrew Irvine reach the summit in 1924?

Step One: do your research! I have provided some links to some good information on the topic. Become an expert on the topic. Look at both sides/arguments of the story, then base your own argument, stating your logical evidence, on the evidence you have researched. Don't worry about the criteria today. Focus your time on becoming an expert on the history of these theories. If you read all of the articles and you believe you have enough evidence to start your essay, you may begin to draft an outline and an introductory paragraph.

Nov 16-Dec 4

Research and argumentative writing

Nov 14-15

College application day--No English class

Friday/Monday Nov 10/13

Lost on Everest documentary

Nov 6-9

"Topman" short story

Thurs/Fri Nov 2/3

Murder Mysteries--Argumentation

Tues/Wed Oct 31/Nov 1

Murder Mysteries--Argumentation

Fri/Mon Oct 27/30

"Minimalism" documentary (Netflix) and film study worksheet

Wed/Thurs Oct 25-26

"The Cask of Amontillado" short story and questions (CommonLit)

Mon/Tues Oct 23-24

Chapter 18 quiz
Into the Wild timeline and summary
"How Chris McCandless Died" New Yorker article by Jon Krakauer

Thurs/Fri Oct 19-20

Quiz chapter 17--Study Guide Assignment
Discussion Chapter 16-17
Begin reading chapter 18

Tues/Wed Oct 17-18

Quiz chapters 14-15 (open book, timed)
Discussion for chapters 14-15
"Carine's Letter"
Read Chapters 16-17

Wed/Mon Oct 11-16 (fall break)

Discuss chapters 12-13 and quiz
Quiz question: Tell me about at least one event from these chapters. Be specific.
Into the Wild movie trailer
Documentary: Making of Into the Wild (YouTube)

Mon/Tues Oct 9-10

Quiz 10-11
Chapter 11 writing prompt
Finish "Isolation"
Article "Bullying in Early Adolescence" (CommonLit)
Homework: Read Chapters 12-13

Thurs/Fri Oct 5-6

Quiz 8-9
Discussion and PowerPoint of 8-9
"The Science of Solitary Confinement" article (CommonLit)
"Isolation" Mind Field (V Sauce guy)
Homework: Read Chapters 10-11

Tues/Wed Oct 3-4

Discussion Chapter 6-7 What do Chris's acquaintances think about him? What do they have in common? Different?
In class reading 8-9 and Study Guide 8-9

Fri Sept 29/Mon Oct 2

Quiz for chapter 6
Discussion based from your responses about the reading
Continue working on "Where I Lived and Why"

Wed/Thurs Sept 27/28

Quiz Chapters 4-5
"Where I Lived and Why" Henry David Thoreau
Read, discuss, respond
Homework: Read Chapter 6 and text to Remind 101 the following: 2 discussion topics for chapter 6, 2 questions you have about the chapter, and 2 vocabulary words you don't know from chapter 6

Mon/Tues Sept 25/26

Finish "Self Reliance" reading
Respond to questions and prompts
Class discussion about "Self Reliance"
Read chapters 4-5 of Into the Wild

Thurs/Fri Sept 21/22

Discuss "Economy" and questions from the packet
Into the Wild Quiz chapters 1-3
"Self Reliance" by Ralph Waldo Emerson packet (yellow). Read and respond to discussion questions in the packet.

Tues/Wed Sept 19/20

Finish responses to "Economy" excerpt
Read chapter 3 of Into the Wild
Work on chapter 3 worksheet--Writing from a different point of view

Fri/Mon Sept 15/18

Finish Nonfiction Sources worksheet for Chapters 1-2 of Into the Wild
Class discussion about Into the Wild and its information sources
Excerpt from Walden "Economy" Commonlit reading section and questions in packet (blue)

Wed/Thurs Sept 13/14

Pre-Reading Writing prompts and discussion
Look over the book--check out the maps and epigraphs etc.
Read Author's note--Themes and questions to consider throughout the book
Read Chapters 1-2
Worksheet "Nonfiction Sources" Answer questions for class discussion

Mon/Tues Sept 11/12

National Parks CFA
20/20 Christopher McCandless
Writing prompts--Was Chris Crazy...?
Check out Into the Wild from library

Tues Sept 5-Friday Sept 8

Computer Lab writing and editing Narrative essays

Fri/Mon Aug 25/28

"First Deer" story by Patrick McManus
Narrative editing: underline all the verbs and circle all the adverbs in your narrative
How to write TedEd clip
Make revisions and start 2nd draft of your narrative

Wed/Thurs Aug 23/24

Grammar Punk (5 sentences)
Discuss Narrative writing prompt
How to write a Narrative and how to write descriptively

Mon/Tues Aug 21/22

Finish "The Bet" questions and discussion
Narrative essay introduction
Hand write a narrative story based off of the provided prompts
Narrative writing prompts (choose one of the two):

You order a pizza with extra pineapple and anchovies at a pizza place. You didn’t know that it is a front, and you just said the passphrase

Tell the story of a “burner”—a human bred specifically to cause chaos so news networks have more interesting stories.

Thurs/Fri Aug 17/18

How/why we read and write--Crash Course Literature #1

"The Bet" p 767 of green Lit textbook--answer questions 5-9 on p. 773